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The Choice

 To save your own life, you must kill the one you love.
Can you do it?

Sarah is madly in love with her new boyfriend Theo, and after months of his wooing her she has finally agreed to go away for the weekend with him. She is so excited. 

But by the end of the first night, Theo is dead and it’s Sarah who killed him. But she swears she had no choice.

She was forced to kill Theo because of something that happened a lifetime ago… something buried deep in her past. 

Now she has one week to prove her innocence or spend the rest of her life in jail for Theo’s murder.

She’s spent year running from the evils in the past, but now they threaten to destroy her future and the lives of anyone close to her.

The Choice is a hunt, for treasure and for the truth.


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The Call

One night to save their marriage… and their lives

In a frantic late-night phone call, Ben learns his wife, Mia, has killed a man. When Ben arrives at Mia’s hotel room, the scene is horrific – but over the course of the night it will get much worse. All their secrets will be uncovered, and they will discover how far they’ll go to protect themselves and each other… will they kill for love? Or will they die for it?

The Call is a read-in-one-sitting adrenaline rush.