One Night to save your marriage... And your lives.

"Ben, I need you. Help me. It was an accident... but there's so much blood.'

In a frantic late night phone call, Ben learns his wife, Mia, has killed a man.

When Ben arrives at Mia's hotel room, the scene is horrific - but over the course of the night it will get much worse. All their secrets will be uncovered, and they will discover how far they'll go to protect themselves and each other... Will they kill for love? Or will they die for it?

"Incredibly fast-paced and well plotted."
Araminta Hall, author of Perfect Strangers.

"A dark, chilling, twisted delight."
Susi Holliday, author of The Last Resort.

"My nerves were shredded."
Debbie Howells, author of The Bones of You.


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P. D. Viner

P. D. did some theatre, then he did some film and video. He created the award-winning audio education ranges SmartPass Guides & Shakespeare Appreciated (study guides for students  of all ages). Then he decided to kill people, and he’s never been happier. Before The Call and joining Hera, he wrote the best-selling Sad Man and Dani Lancing series for Random House Ebury. He will kill again.